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HDPE bags on rolls:
25x40cm8 microns1000 pcs
22/4x38cm8 microns500 pcs
18/4x35cm8 microns1000 pcs
18/4x35cm8 microns500 pcs
21/7x45cm8 microns500 pcs bags with handles (t-shirts)
22/6x45cm8 microns500 pcs bags with handles (t-shirts)

LDPE bags on rolls:
20x30cm25 microns200 pcs

We can produce packing bags on rolls made from HDPE and LDPE according to a client’s specific dimensions, thickness and quantity.
We can also produce bags with REVERTE additive, which speeds up decomposition of a bag.
Any printing requested by a client can be printed on our bags on rolls.