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These pots are perfect for growing, transporting and selling flowers, plants or saplings.
These economical and universal polyethylene pots are a great alternative to expensive and inflexible plastic plant pots. Polyethylene plant pots are made from black polyethylene film. A plant pot is made in such a way that increases its stability and makes it easy to fill it with soil or compost. Just like plastic plant pots, our pots have drainage holes, so your plants will grow well and get all necessary minerals.

Easy and economical way to grow plants:
  • A variety of sizes (6l. 8l. 10l. 15l.)
  • Are stable when filled with compost or soil.
  • Perfect for transporting plants to other locations.
  • Have drainage holes.
  • May be reused.
Polyethylene pots for sprouting are usually used in gardening and horticulture as they have many advantages over ordinary plant pots:
  1. Polyethylene pots are very easy to use. When no longer used, just fold it and save a lot of space.
  2. Are designed in such a way that they would be stable and keep the desired shape.
  3. Due to their low weight they are much cheaper than ordinary plant pots.
  4. Very economical, especially if you plan to sell plants.
  5. Pots are made in different sizes, so it is easy to find a suitable pot for every plant.