Packaging supplies

Packaging supplies

We offer various packaging materials:

High quality adhesive labels (Vellum):
                 30x20mm for three lines
                 38x25mm for two lines
                 30x40mm for three lines
                 52x30mm in one line
                 75x44mm per line

WAX thermal strip
                  80mm x 74m
                  108mm x 74m

Adhesive tape holders

Adhesive tapes
                 SOLVENT 48mm x 60m.

Corrugated cardboard boxes
               or according to specific customer orders

Packaging films (strech)
                 450mm x 200m. 17my

Pulse sealing machine
                 30cm. wide
                 50cm. wide

Cardboard needles
                 for the paper, film, label, textile and seam industry